Who are we

We are:

  • Three mans who actually work with all-terrain vehicles. Two mechanics, and one "generalist" - the head of the organization, who can take the tool in hand. That is why my Clients have no reason to doubt: they are talking to a person who really knows the vehicles.
  • Several friendly highly specialized organizations that perform specific work for us. Because I realy know that it is not always advisable to buy an expensive specialized one for yourself - it is very expensive, and the performance of all the necessary work by specialized organizations is cheaper and better. Especially if you work with them for many years.
  • The manufacturer of spare parts and components for all-terrain vehicles BV-206, the quality of which we have no doubts, has been verified by my own experience.

My mission is to put it all together so that with one call to us you can get what you need - from a wheel bolt to an BV-206 with a new engine.

What are we doing

We have been working with Hagglunds Bv206 - and specializing in them - for almost 10 years. During this time we:

  • were able to develop channels for the supply of new and used spare parts for these all-terrain vehicles
  • built reliable relationships with manufacturers of quality spare parts and components for the BV-206;
  • started production of some spare parts and components of their own brand
  • purchased or created all the necessary equipment and special tools for carrying out any work with these all-terrain vehicles
  • developed and implemented our own program of remotorization of the original BV-206 for new Iveco and Cummins diesel engines
  • found reliable partners of specialized companies who help us in the implementation of all our solutions

Bv206 service

Our values

It is believed that corporate values ​​are characteristic of large corporations. This is not true - small businesses can have them too.


We do not strive to make the price as low as possible. Quality and low price are incompatible. Our goal is to supply high-quality equipment and spare parts, to provide high-quality services for an adequate price.


We do not declare unrealistic deadlines in the hope of getting a client at any cost, bribing him with an imaginary speed of work. We announce the actual deadlines for the execution of works or the execution of deliveries – and we fulfill them.


No marketing fairy tales. We know our field of activity – and we bring all the information to you as it is.

Ease of communication

We have the same phone number. All popular messengers are connected to it. Using this number, you will simply get to the person who will answer all your questions.

Efficiency in Minimalism

We do not have, and will not have, a staff of “narrow specialists” who transfer the Client to each other. You always communicate with the person you need.

Working moments

Working moments. Checking engine and automatic transmission parameters after remotorization.

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