• MPN: 253 6075-801
  • Weight: 16 kg
  • Dimensions: 20 × 20 × 20 cm
  • Conditiion: new
  • Forward locking ratio – 90%
  • Reverce locking ratio – 100%
  • The quantity on the vehicle – 2 pcs.
  • minimum order: 2 pcs

What is it

Self-locking differential is one of the options that Bv206 lacks. The installation of a self-locking differential allows you to significantly increase the cross-country ability of the your Bv206, and no longer have problems when “hanging out” one of the tracks of the vehicle.

How it works

It is a mechanical device that transmits torque from cardan shaft to two tracks in such a way that the angular speeds of rotation of the source and both consumers can be different relative to each other. But when one track begins to slip, this differential automatically locks and transmits torque to the loaded track. This allows the Bv206 to easily overcome those places that previously caused many problems.

Key features

Fully automatic

Unlike manual locking, self-locking differentials lock and unlock automatically. You definitely won’t forget to turn off the lock when you don’t need it. This protects your Bv206's transmission from accidental damage.

Easy installation

The self-locking differential for Bv206 is installing in a standard final gear unit. It is installing instead of the standard differential unit. Any improvements are not required. If you have experience in servicing and repairing the Bv206, you can easily install the self-locking differential yourself.

Ease of use

You don't have to think about when to engage the differential lock. There is no need to worry about forgetting to turn it off. This differential will lock and unlock itself when needed. You just need to go where you couldn't do it before.

Some features of using these differentials

Front and rear differentials are not interchangeable.

The front and rear self-locking differentials are different from each other and are not interchangeable.

Transmission oil for limited-slip differentials

Special oil is required for limited slip differentials. Standard transmission oil for Bv206 differentials cannot be used.

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