Prerequisites for replacing the engine on Bv206

The main problem of Hagglunds Bv206 is age. The production of these tracked carriers was discontinued in 1993, and since then the surviving all-terrain vehicles have become noticeably dilapidated. Already now the problem arises with the repair of original engines and automatic transmissions . Their production has been discontinued for so long that even the production of spare parts has almost been discontinued. When the purchase of even the most basic spare parts is very problematic, the quality of work cannot be at a decent level. And the age can not be deceived – the engine and automatic transmission, which are several decades old, cannot be made new.

At the same time, the design of this tracked carrier is reliable. This allows it to be used for many more years. Fiberglass cabins do not rot, and are easily repaired. The frame does not rot and does not rust if it is periodically cleaned of dirt, and, if necessary, tinted. Suspension, transmission and chassis parts are available, and they can be purchased – including from us.

Therefore, more and more owners of the Bv206 are coming to a decision about its remotorization.

Advantages of installing a new engine in the Bv206


The main advantage of Bv206 remotorization is the installation of a new engine itself, as well as the updating of related components and assemblies. This significantly increases the reliability of your all-terrain vehicle. There is no need to spend time on repairs, and money on spare parts. When the Bv206 is remotored, almost all the systems of the all-terrain vehicle are modified, modified and serviced, which also increases its reliability.


Installing a new diesel engine reduces fuel consumption and improves the driving performance of your Bv206. In addition, updated systems, components and assemblies in the future require a minimum of maintenance, which saves you time for repairs, and money for spare parts.

Solving the problem of spare parts

We offer to install modern – simple, reliable and popular – engines. Spare parts and consumables for them are quite affordable, and will be produced for many years to come.

Replacing the engine on your Bv206 is an investment that results in saving money on spare parts and fuel, reducing equipment downtime due to repairs, and increasing the service life of your all–terrain vehicle.

Variants of engines that we install

We are currently installing several modifications of two engine models.

Iveco S30

  • 3.0 litre
  • I4
  • 146 or 197 HP
  • turbodiesel
  • Common Rail with a mechanical high pressure fuel pump and electronically controlled injectors (not pump injectors)

Cummins ISF2.8

  • 2.8 litre
  • I4
  • 149 or 168 HP
  • turbodiesel
  • Common Rail with a mechanical high pressure fuel pump and electronically controlled injectors (not pump injectors)

A 197-hp version ov Iveco engine in Bv206

Advantages of these engines

Reliable fuel system

Despite the fact that modern engines are always electronically controlled Common Rail, simplicity is the main advantage of these Iveco engines. They are equipped with a simple system with a mechanical high pressure fuel pump, and an electric booster pump (its task is to supply fuel from the tank to the engine, no more). The engine does not use expensive and capricious pump-injector s. The result – the engine proved to be quite loyal to the quality of the fuel.

Minimum electronics on the engine

These engines are equipped with only those sensors that it needs for normal operation and for the operation of control and measuring equipments. In addition, when installing the engine, we carefully seal all connections, and use only sealed connectors.

Reliable timing drive

The timing drive is a chain whose resource without problems allows you to forget about it until the engine is overhauled.

Simple and reliable turbocharger

In the 197-hp version Iveco engine install a simple turbocharger without a variable geometry. This engine are practically no systems for improving the “ecology”. The engine turned out to be more powerful, simpler and more reliable. To better protect the turbine during non-professional operation, we can install a turbo timer.

Convenient maintenance

For example, on Iveco engines, the oil filter is traditionally changed from above. On an all-terrain vehicle, absolutely devoid of access to the engine from below, it is very convenient.

Spare parts availability

Engines of this series are very common. Spare parts for them are quite affordable, and will not leave the market for a long time.

Other improvements and changes performed as part of the engine replacement for the Bv206

Gearbox replacement

The transmission of the Bv206 was developed for a gasoline engine, and has never been altered. But modern diesel engines are very low-speed, and their maximum torque is in a fairly narrow rev range. This is done to achieve maximum engine efficiency. But to ensure an acceptable range of machine speeds paired with such an engine, the installation of multi-stage automatic transmissions is required.

With the new diesel engines we install a six-speed automatic gearbox. This is a classic hydromechanical gearbox with electronic control. The gearbox are undergoing a complete overhaul. The gearbox is technically refined for better operation in difficult conditions and the fastest gear shifting. Software methods allow you to optimize the algorithms for any operating conditions. Cooling system automatically maintains the optimum operating fluid temperature.

During operation, the automatic transmission requires a minimum of maintenance – only cleaning from dirt, and changing the oil and filter.

Fuel system

The fuel system is equipped with an electric fuel priming pump, and a heated fuel filter with a water-in-fuel indicator. Optionally, the ignition system can be blocked in the presence of water in the fuel. For regions with a cold climate we can install the heaters for fuel intakes.

Electric system

Since the engine and gearbox control systems are 12-volt, it is advisable to convert the all-terrain vehicle to 12 volts. We can implement an version in which the system of the all-terrain vehicle will remain 24-volt, and the engine and gearbox control systems will be 12-volt. However, as experience shows, it is more promising, more reliable and easier in terms of weight to still transfer the entire all-terrain vehicle to 12 volts.

The instrument panel is being redesigned – instruments and indicators are changing.

Other modifications

Engine replacement is a very good time to implement other upgrades of your Bv206. The vehicle is almost completely disassembled, and it becomes easier and cheaper to implement any improvements. For example, we can offer a special price on the installation of a vertical hydraulic cylinder, or the maintenance of the chassis.

Bv206 weight change after the remotorization

After all the improvements, the weight of the front section of the vehicle increases by 150 … 200 kg. We recommend reducing the payload of the front section to 430 kg or 4 people.

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