Bv206 is our specialty. We have been working with these vehicles for many years, and we know them thoroughly. Professional staff and all the necessary special equipment allow us to perform all the necessary maintenance and repair work on your Bv206.

Our services

Engine maintenance and repair. A full range of services – from oil change and minor repairs, to the overhaul of the original internal combustion engines, and the installation of another engine in your Bv206.

Maintenance and repair of automatic transmission. A full range of services – from oil change to overhaul of automatic transmission.

Maintenance and repair of the transmission and chassis. All work that may be required on Bv206:

  • maintenance and repair;
  • replacement of tracks, wheels, sprockets;
  • restoration of wheels and sprockets;
  • torsions replacing;
  • frame, cabins and body repairs;
  • and many others.

Maintenance and repair of the electrical system. A full range of services – from routine repairs to complete restoration of the system and replacement of the 12 volt.

Maintenance and repair of the steering and hydraulic system. Change oil and filter, repair of main components and assemblies.

Modernization, upgrade and tuning of Bv206 vehicles.

  • professional installation of additional and upgraded lighting – halogen, LED;
  • modernization of the hydraulic system, installation of additional hydraulic equipment and units – a winch, a vertical hydraulic cylinder, a manipulator crane, a drilling rig;
  • production of specialized vehicles based on Bм206 – expedition, all-terrain vehicles for travel and recreation, various special equipment.

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