There are 44 wheels installed on the Bv206 – 40 road wheels and 4 support wheels. Their replacement is not a cheap procedure. First of all, because it is rarely necessary to replace one or two wheels, they are often replaced by dozens. In the case of new ice rinks, the cost of the procedure will be several hundred, or even thousands of euros. You can save money by buying restored road wheels. The third way to save money, and noticeably, is to order the restoration of wheels. In this case, we will completely restore your wheels, and they will serve you for more than one year.

The process of restoring Bv206 wheels

The process of restoring both the road and supporting wheels has no fundamental differences. All wheels are checked for their suitability for restoration. In the absolute majority of cases, this is possible. Next, the wheels are washed from dirt and cleaned. The old rubber rim is cut off from the base, after which a new one is welded. Diagnostics of bearing seats is also performed. Usually their restoration is not required, but if it is necessary, we notify the Customer about it, and coordinate this additional service. At your request, the wheels can be painted, or sent in the form of “under painting”. At your request, we can immediately install high–quality repair kits in your wheels – you will only have to install ready-made rinks on your Bv206.

Variants of materials for renovation

Road wheels

On the road wheels we can weld:

  • a rubber rim – is an ideal option for price, quality, and performance properties, the wheels turns out to be almost indistinguishable from the original;
  • polyurethane – is a more expensive solution, and for some reason it is considered the best, but some properties of polyurethane significantly worsen the operational properties of the road wheels.

Support wheels

The support wheels are welded with polyurethane – in their work, the negative properties of polyurethane do not manifest themselves.

Renovated wheels for Hagglund Bv206

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