The vertical hydraulic cylinder is an additional system on the Bv206. This is an additional cylinder mounted above the damper of the steering unit, and a control system. This system allows you to control the all-terrain vehicle in a vertical plane, which has a very positive effect on the off-road qualities of the carrier.

Despite its necessity, the original vertical hydraulic cylinder on the Bv206 is rare. It was installed mainly on cars of late years of production. Nevertheless, many owners of the Bv206 want to install such a cylinder on their all-terrain vehicle. We provide such a service.

The service includes:

  • manufacture of hydraulic cylinder mounting units, their installation in an steering unit;
  • installation of a vertical hydraulic cylinder, adjustment of the system to ensure maximum working angles;
  • installation of additional hydraulic lines;
  • installation of vertical hydraulic cylinder controls;
  • modernization of the hydraulic system to ensure simultaneous efficient operation of the steering system and the vertical hydraulic cylinder.

The vertical hydraulic cylinder system can operate in three modes:

  • Passive mode – is the main mode, used in constant movement. The hydraulic cylinder is turned off, and does not have any effect on the control of the all-terrain vehicle, and its movement.
  • Active mode – the hydraulic cylinder is turned on, and can be used to control the all-terrain vehicle in a vertical plane (up-down) together with steering (left-right). It is used in severe road conditions when the standard capabilities of the all-terrain vehicle are insufficient. For example, to overcome high vertical obstacles.
  • Locking mode – the vertical hydraulic cylinder does not work, but blocks the intersectional hinge assembly from folding up and down. The mode can be used to overcome wide ditches.

At your request, the system can be mounted in two control options:

  • electronic control – is a more expensive option, but does not require additional space in the driver’s seat area, since all controls are mounted on the standard instrument panel;
  • mechanical control – is a budget option, but it requires additional space for controls in the driver’s seat area, which affects comfort.

The system we are installing is based on the original Swedish design, upgraded with the use of modern components. Thanks to this, the system:

  • ensures efficient operation of the vertical hydraulic cylinder and steering at the same time;
  • it has no operating time limits, does not overload the battery and generator.

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